Jan, 72, Painter


In the northern German Hanseatic city, he sticks out like a sore thumb. Twenty years ago he moved into his first studio in the middle of the picturesque old town of Lüneburg. After an eventful life as an artist, which took him all over Europe, he found the place beautiful enough to finally settle down here.

What does an artist do in order not to get bored after he has entered the eighth decade of life? He reinvents himself, as regularly as possible. For some time now, Jan’s goal has been to expand painting, his central form of expression, into other artistic fields. He usually succeeds in doing this in performance projects with other artists. Then it is about a combination of his “momentilistic” way of painting with poetry, theater, music or dance. Or he refines old collector’s porcelain with his paintings, or accompanies the performances of other artists with action paintings. In his latest project, Jan combines painting with the latest lighting technology and records the result photographically. Sometimes, however, he simply sells his paintings in his own gallery.


Shot: Sep 19 2021 / 16:33:06

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The painter prince of Lüneburg in front of his work. The term Momentilism, coined by Jan, stands for paintings that are created from a situation in a very short time.

A new marketing channel: painting as a limited luminous object: here the color measurement for the photographic reproduction of a large-format work.

The creation of a momentilistic painting is best observed in Jan’s action painting performances. Here you can see him in 2012 at a vernissage.

Jan prefers to combine his action paintings with dance and music. Here you can see him with his partner, the ballerina Yarica.

Jan and Yarica on a program photo from an advertising brochure of the artist duo, which has traveled all over Europe with its program in recent years.

More than painting: Jan at a performance rehearsal in the sales room of the studio.

Art development: First lighting tests for the new light painting project.


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