Background Christoph Background
* 1967 in Göttingen/Germany. The studied cultural scientist, who comes from a family with fugitive experience, works as a publicist in Lüneburg and is particularly concerned with humans and their social roles in a world that more and more detaches individuals from their social and human relationships. Within the framework of photographic series and long-term projects, he dedicates himself to the complexity of mostly unknown personalities, which he creates primarily in the style of classical studio photography. Christoph detaches the figure from its habitat and concentrates on the sitter's body and facial expressions. His photographic works have earned him a reputation as a minimalist in the field of contemporary portrait photography.
Background Ralf Background
(*) 1966 in Kassel/ Germany has been a graphic designer, photographer and videographer since his graphic design studies. He lives and works on the premises of the cultural association "Eisfabrik" in Hanover. Mohr can refer to numerous exhibitions and book productions in his artistic work. His subtle portraits of postmodern people have been published in five photo volumes and have received international recognition. He uses his own authentic, sometimes provocative visual language that focuses on the physicality of people.
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